Working with In-house Agencies

From one-person shops to full-service, revenue-generating internal agencies, higher education pros are raising the bar for creative marketing across the industry. But it’s hard work. Successful in-house agencies need to manage talent, time, competing pri

Friday Five: @JimLukaszewski’s personal action plan from #PRSAMDC

Jim Lukaszewski (photo via http://www.prsamdc.com) I’m very glad I was able to attend a portion of the Public Relations Society of America’s 2014 PRSA Midwest District Conference in Springfield, Missouri, on Thursday. I’m especially hap

Advancement Live Preview: Reunions Debrief 2014

In this episode of Advancement Live, host Ryan Catherwood will interview three alumni relations pros about there recent Reunion Weekends. Watch live on June 24th at 1pm and join the back channel chatter (#higheredlive).Along with lots of other great inform

Reed College, Switchboard, and Partnerships with Alumni Entrepreneurs

Partnerships with vendors will become increasingly central to Advancement work over the upcoming decade. In areas ranging from Big Data to the mobile web, from strategy to tactics, vendors are offering tools and services that make it possible for Advanceme

Why we retrospective

The best tool a team can have is the ability to analyze and adapt. The last few weeks I have been talking a lot about Agile agile practices. I intentionally use the lowercase “A” because I am not advocating for any specific methodology but inst

Making a spectacle of scientific research

In my 23-plus years in the higher ed PR and marketing business, I’ve had my share of encounters with university researchers that go something like this: Me: Dr. So-and-so, I heard about your latest research project, and I think it would make a great
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