A Brand New Search Experience

Last month you may have noticed that search.nd.edu had a slightly different look. Not only did the site get a facelift, but the entire infrastructure changed as well. In the past, search at Notre Dame ran on a dedicated device … Continue reading U

How to Communicate with Students

Thursday, June 5th at 1:00pm ETTOPICSocial Media: What is the best way to communicate with students? Facebook engagement is steadily decreasing and Higher Ed pros are desperately seeking the best way to connect and communicate with students? Where do we n

The Campus Visitor Experience and CIVSA

In this segment of Admissions Live (airdate June 2 2014), host Chris D’Orso chats with the executive board from the Collegiate Information & Visitor Services Association live from Chicago on the eve of their 2014 annual conference. Sponsors:Zin

Online Community Building - Recording of our May 29 Webinar

Couldn't make our webinar "Moving from Broadcasting to Community Building"? No worries, we recorded the May 29 version. Learn how to: Be a Conversation Starter, not just a Broadcaster Engage your audience on Social Media Encourage participation and intera
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