Acrisure Stadium Bag Policy: What You Need to Know Before Game Day

When it comes to attending sporting events at Acrisure Stadium, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure a hassle-free experience. One of the most important aspects to be aware of is the stadium’s bag policy.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the specifics of the Acrisure Stadium bag policy, including what types of bags are allowed, what items you can bring in, and any restrictions you should be mindful of. We’ll also address some common questions like whether you can bring a purse into Acrisure Stadium and what the water bottle policy entails.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a first-time visitor, understanding the bag policy at Acrisure Stadium will help you plan ahead and avoid any last-minute surprises. So let’s get started and make sure you’re fully prepared for your next game day experience!

Acrisure Stadium Bag Policy: What You Need to Know

It’s game day! You’ve got your team jersey on, a foam finger at the ready, and that fiery spirit burning in your chest. But before you head to Acrisure Stadium to cheer on your favorite team, there’s one crucial thing you need to know about: the Acrisure Stadium Bag Policy.

A Size That Matters

Forget about the “size doesn’t matter” cliché because, in this case, it does. The folks at Acrisure Stadium have put their foot down on oversized bags, causing quite a commotion among fans with a flair for fashion.

A Bag Dilemma

Think back to Mary Poppins and her bottomless bag of wonders. Well, unfortunately, Acrisure Stadium wants none of that sorcery. They’ve set a limit on bag dimensions to maintain order and ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone attending.

Bag Dimensions Deciphered

When it comes to Acrisure Stadium, size does matter. So, what exactly are the acceptable dimensions for a bag to pass muster? Well, it depends on whether the bag is clear or non-clear. Let’s break it down.

Clear as Crystal

For clear bags, the dimensions must not exceed 12″ x 6″ x 12″. That means no sneaking in your twin brother’s trombone or your aunt’s pet kangaroo, unfortunately. It’s all about transparency, my friend, literally.

Non-Clear or Confetti?

Now, if you prefer a non-clear bag, things get slightly more restrictive. The dimensions are limited to a neat and tidy 4.5″ x 6.5″. It’s like they’re challenging us to bring only our tiniest valuables. Goodbye, giant sunglasses! Farewell, emergency snack stash!

No Bag Left Behind

What if you’re not the “bag type” and prefer to go hands-free? Well, Acrisure Stadium has got you covered. They allow small clutch bags or wallets that don’t exceed 4.5″ x 6.5″. Can we get a hip-hip-hooray for minimalists?

Exceptions to the Rule

Let’s say you desperately need to bring in a larger bag for medical reasons or because you’re a wizard with magical items to conjure. Fear not, my friend! Acrisure Stadium allows for exceptions, but you’ll need to contact the stadium beforehand to get the necessary approval. So, don’t forget to bring your wand or doctor’s note, whichever applies.

A Bag of Laughs

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of the Acrisure Stadium Bag Policy, it’s time to embrace the challenge of fitting your essentials into these seemingly minuscule dimensions. Good luck, my friend, and may your bag be forever small, yet mighty!

And that’s the scoop on the Acrisure Stadium Bag Policy. Stay tuned for more game day tips and hilarity. Until then, practice your Tetris skills and happy bag-packing!

Acrisure Stadium Water Bottle Policy

Yes, folks, you’ll be glad to know that Acrisure Stadium actually encourages you to bring your own water bottle! It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, you, stay hydrated and save some money while you’re at it!” How refreshing, both literally and figuratively!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hydrotherapy

Now that you know you can bring your trusty water bottle along, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the Acrisure Stadium water bottle policy. Here are some do’s and don’ts to ensure you have a splashing good time:

Do: Pick the Right Water Bottle

You wouldn’t want your water bottle to be like a leaky faucet, would you? So, remember to choose one that is sealed and non-glass. We all know accidents happen, but let’s try to avoid any aquatic mishaps.

Don’t: Use Your Water Bottle as a Super Soaker

As fun as it may seem to engage in an impromptu water fight with your buddies, unfortunately, Acrisure Stadium has a strict policy against converting your water bottle into a mini-super soaker. So, save your aquatic shenanigans for another time and place.

Do: Stay Refreshed and Quenched

Acrisure Stadium understands the importance of staying hydrated, especially when you’re cheering on your favorite team with unmatched enthusiasm. So, make sure your water bottle is filled with H2O goodness and enjoy the game while keeping that thirst quenched!

Don’t: Forget to Hydrate Responsibly

While it’s awesome that you can bring your own water bottle, this doesn’t give you a free pass to go wild with other beverages. Remember, the focus here is on staying hydrated, not turning the bleachers into a picnic blanket. Keep the focus on water, my friends.

Do: Refill and Replenish as Needed

Here’s a nugget of wisdom: Acrisure Stadium has water refill stations throughout the premises. Utilize these handy dandy stations to refill your bottle whenever it runs low. It’s like a pit stop, but with water instead of gasoline. Simple, refreshing, and zero emissions!

Don’t: Hold Out on Your Thirsty Friends

Sharing is caring, folks! If your friends forgot their own water bottles, be a true H2O hero and offer them a gulp or two from yours. Remember, a hydrated friend is a happy friend, and a happy friend makes for a rocking game day experience!

Stay Hydrated, Stay Happy!

And there you have it, fellow thirst-quenchers! The low-down on the water bottle policy at Acrisure Stadium. So, grab your trusty H2O-holding companion and get ready for an exciting game day experience. Remember, staying hydrated is not just a smart move, but also a way to keep those cheer muscles firing on all cylinders. Drink up and cheer on!

Can You Bring a Purse into Acrisure Stadium?

A Stylish Dilemma

So, you’ve got your tickets to the big game at Acrisure Stadium, and you’re ready to cheer on your favorite team. But now you’re faced with a daunting question: can you bring your beloved purse into the stadium?

Purse Confessions

Well, fear not, my fashionable friend! As it turns out, Acrisure Stadium has a pretty lenient policy when it comes to bags. Yes, you heard that right: you can bring your purse!

Size Matters

Now, before you go stuffing your entire collection into a single bag, there are some guidelines to follow. Acrisure Stadium allows bags that are clear and no larger than 12″ x 6″ x 12″. While this might cramp your style a bit, it’s a small concession to make for the game-day experience.

Fashion-Worthy Alternatives

If you’re not a fan of clear purses or struggling to fit your essentials into a small bag, don’t worry. Acrisure Stadium also permits small clutch bags or wallets that are no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″. So, you can still rock your favorite clutch while supporting your team!

Pro Tip: Go Hands-Free!

Of course, there’s another option to consider – the game-changer: go hands-free! Remember those cargo pants you used to wear in the ’90s? Well, they’ve made a comeback, my friend. Opt for a stylish fanny pack or a sleek cross-body bag, and you’ll have all your essentials right at your fingertips without compromising your style.

Security First

Now, it’s important to note that all bags, regardless of size, are subject to a thorough security check upon entering the stadium. So, make sure to leave any contraband fashion items (looking at you, oversized scissors) at home.


In conclusion, you don’t have to sacrifice style for the game-day experience at Acrisure Stadium. You can bring your purse, as long as it adheres to the size regulations. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try out a trendy fanny pack or cross-body bag? So, go ahead, rock your game-day outfit with confidence, and be the envy of all your fellow fans!