The Power of Curated Content: How to Post on Social Media Shows

As a social media marketer or blogger, you might feel the pressure to consistently create fresh content for your audience. However, creating new content every day is not only time-consuming but also exhausting. That’s where curated content comes in handy. With curated content, you can provide your audience with relevant and valuable content while also ensuring that you keep your online presence active. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the nuanced aspects of posting curated content on social shows.

What is Curated Content on Social Media?

Curated content on social media refers to content that has been hand-picked and shared from other sources. It is the practice of finding valuable content relevant to your audience and sharing it on your social media channels. By using curated content, you don’t have to create fresh content constantly and can focus on developing your brand’s voice and values.

How to Use Curated Content on Social Media

Posting curated content on social shows your audience that you’re committed to providing them with valuable information, even if it is not from your original creation. Curated content can also be used to:

  • Provide value to your audience by sharing information that may be difficult to find.

  • Expand your network and potentially gain new followers by tagging the original creator.

  • Showcase your industry knowledge and position yourself as a thought leader.

  • Show your audience that you’re not solely focused on promoting your product, but also care about the user’s needs.

The 80/20 Rule of Curated Content

When posting on social shows, it’s essential to follow the 80/20 rule for curated content. This rule indicates that 80 percent of your social media content should be non-promotional and curated. The remaining 20 percent should be used for product promotions, sales, discounts, and other marketing posts. The 80/20 rule maintains balance and provides your audience with valuable content rather than an endless stream of purely promotional posts.

Types of Curated Content on Social Media

There are various types of curated content that you can share on social media channels, such as:

User-generated content (UGC)

UGC is any content created by people who are not professional creators but rather the users of a product or service. Sharing UGC is a great way to build engagement with your audience, as it lets them know their content is valued by the brand.

Relevant articles

Sharing relevant articles within your industry or niche displays your interest in staying up-to-date on industry trends as well as sharing valuable information with your audience.

Infographics and other visual content

Visual aids are a great way of getting your audience’s attention while providing valuable information.

Industry reports or studies

Sharing studies or reports relevant to your industry is a great way of showcasing your knowledge while providing your audience with exclusive information.

Credit Where Credit is Due

It’s essential to give proper credit to the original source when sharing curated content. Not only does it reflect ethical professionalism, but it also provides growth in the public relations sector. Remember to tag the original creator when posting curated content on social media.

How to Share Curated Content on Instagram

Posting curated content on Instagram is straightforward. Here’s how:

  • Find the content you want to share.

  • Screenshot the content or take a video of the post.

  • Edit the image or video and add your brand’s customized message and hashtag as well as tag the original author.

  • Share the post on Instagram.

Examples of Curated Content on Social Media

If you are posting the same content across different channels, that may be a spammy practice. Avoid recycling the same content for all social media platforms. Here are three examples of curated content on social media:


Spotify has a ”New Music Friday” playlist that showcases new releases every week. The playlist is highly curated, with Spotify’s editors adding their choices every week, then promoted on their social channels.


Coca-Cola is known for its branded events and campaigns. Still, they frequently share user-generated content related to the events to increase engagement on their social media channels.

National Geographic

National Geographic is famous for their awe-inspiring visual stories about wildlife and nature. Across their social media platforms, they frequently share photographs, videos, and stories from their publications as well as destination and travel photos from their fans.


Posting curated content on social shows your audience that you’re committed to providing them with valuable, industry-specific information, even if you’re not creating it yourself. By breaking up promotional content with curated content, you can build and maintain a relationship with your audience, showcase your industry knowledge, and expand your brand’s image. Most importantly, give credit where credit is due, and don’t forget to engage with your audience to keep the conversation going.